What We Offer

Mold Testing & Remediation

We are certified in mold testing, assessment and remediation. Our testing samples are processed by Inspector Lab for accuracy and quick turnaround times.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

We recommend cleaning your air ducts every 2 to 3 years. Blower motors can lose efficiency as they get dirtier and cost you more to heat and cool your home in the long run!

Air Ventilation & Purification Systems

Ultra violet light kills bioaerosols (airborne bacteria, virus, mold) as it passes through your HVAC system. A single, properly sized UV unit can purify the air in a 2000-square-foot home.
UV lights, teamed with photo catalytic oxidation (UV-PCO) purify the air and break down volatile organic compounds (VOC's) into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Humidex Computer Controlled Ventilation Systems reduce moisture and pollutants in your basement or crawl space. This helps to keep the air in your entire home fresh and clean, for pennies a day!

Some Things We've Come Across

UV Light in a clean duct

Moldy Ceiling

This could be circulating the air you are breathing