4 Serious Health Benefits of Using an Air Purification System

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Did you know that breathing polluted city air can be as bad for your health as smoking?Even if you don’t live in a city, the air in your home can carry a number of unexpected pollutants. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your home from airborne toxins. The most effective way to guard against this unseen hazard is by installing an air purification system. 

Cleaning the air in your home can protect you from a range of health issues, some of which can be life-threatening. 

To protect your family from invisible air-borne toxins, keep reading to find out why an air purification system is a must for all homes. 

1. An Air Purifier Will Remove Toxins From Both Indoor and Outdoor Sources

Most people are aware that an air purification system stops pollutants from outdoor air from circulating in your home. These include things like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which have been shown to increase the risk of chronic conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

However, a system will also filter out harmful elements that originate inside your home. These include chemicals from cleaning products, as well as asbestos dust, model spores, and radon emitted from building materials. 

2. A System Neutralizes Odors

Besides removing common indoor air toxins and outdoor pollutants, an air purification system will also neutralize odors. 

Most homes develop “smells” over time. Things like cooking, frying, mildew, and pets can all make your home start to develop a signature (and not so pleasant) odor. 

Smoke can also be a huge culprit of indoor odors. Whether this is from cigarette smoking or a cozy open fireplace, smoke buildup can cause a stale and lingering odor to develop in your home. 

An air purification system will help eliminate these odors and prevent further smells from building up in your home. 

3. Air Purification Systems Reduce Chance of Infection From Airborne Diseases

Another benefit of installing an air purification system in your home is that it can reduce the chance of infection from airborne diseases. 

Circulating air ventilation systems can become a ripe environment for airborne diseases. Fortunately, if you install a purification system with HEPA filters, it will capture the viral particles and prevent them from hanging in the air. 

4. A System Also Reduces Pet Allergens

If you suffer from allergies, then you’ll be happy to know that a system can protect you from airborne allergens. These include things like dust, pollen, and mold spores. 

What’s more, professional systems can also reduce pet allergens in your home. As long as you have regular filter replacement and air duct cleaning done, your home will have lower levels of allergens, both from pets and other sources. 

Do You Need an Air Purification System Installed in Your Home? 

Having an air purification system installed in your home can protect you from dangerous airborne pollutants and household toxins. It can also reduce allergens, guard against viral infections, and neutralize odors. 

Are you ready to safeguard the air in your home with a system? If so, we are the Wilmington, NC experts in air ventilation and purification systems.

Contact us today and let us help you protect your home and your family from airborne health hazards. 

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