Do Air Purifiers Work: 5 Reasons Why the Answer Is Yes

do air purifiers work

The average American spends 93% of their life indoors.

With all of the time that we spend indoors, whether it is eating, sleeping, working, or entertainment, it is important to think about the air we breathe.

What steps are you taking to make sure your home is filled with clean air? What harmful particles are currently floating around in your home? Is there a solution to make your air cleaner?

Keep reading to learn more about do air purifiers work and the reasons that they do:

1. They Remove Bad Odors

Have you ever burnt something while cooking and still smell it the next day?

Air purifiers help remove odors by taking the old air out of the room and putting new air into the room. The movement of the air prevents the odor from being stagnant for long periods of time.

2. They Remove Bacteria

Bacteria can cause a variety of health complications and spreads quickly in enclosed spaces. Air purifiers help remove bacteria from the air by using UV light filters to kill viruses and bacteria in the air.

This is especially important if someone you live with becomes sick. The first thought is to clean all of the surfaces they may have touched, but the air is just as important to clean. Investing in an air purifier can help eliminate the spread of that bacteria. 

3. They Help Clear Dust 

Where does dust come from?

You may feel like the air in your home is clean, yet you find yourself dusting the surfaces frequently. The dust is in the air prior to settling on your furniture. Using an air purifier will help clear the dust out of the air.

This means less dusting for you!

4. They Help Clear Pet Hair and Odors 

Picture this – you step into someone’s home and instantly get hit with the strong odor of a wet dog.

Pets can make our homes smell and you can get used to their hair and odors in the air without realizing it. Air purifiers can help clear these items out of the air and make it seem like there are no pets that live in your home. 

Any friends or family that have pet allergies will thank you for investing in cleaner air.

5. Do Air Purifiers Work to Make You Healthier in Your Home

The answer is yes. Air purifiers help you achieve cleaner air in your home, which makes it easier and safer for you to breathe. Have you wondered how this works?

We begin with an expert inspection of your home to diagnose any problems with your air quality and come up with a solution on how to improve it. After that, we install a ventilation system with an ultraviolet light that will kill bacteria within the air and helps to lower the amount of moisture in the air.

These steps help to ensure that the air you are breathing is healthier than it was before and any harmful bacteria is being eliminated quickly.

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