Why Is It Important to Improve Air Quality in Your Home?

improve air quality

Current statistics suggest that up to 4.1% of deaths around the world are due to air pollution that comes from indoors. You don’t want to be a statistic. But do you know how to make your air situation better and give yourself a better life in the process? Below, we have listed some of the reasons why it is important to improve air quality in your home.

By reading, you should be able to understand why people consider this such an important area for improvement.


If you do not clear up the air in your home, several different kinds of mold spores could start to spread. Mold, as a type of fungus, thrives in the moisture of a humid environment. By having moist, dirty air in a home you are encouraging mold to spread fast.

This is not a seasonal problem, either. While cold might slow it down, mold can spread at any time. This can then cause severe issues for people in the home.

Allergies and Other Problems

Many different issues can cause allergies to flare up. For a start, the above-mentioned mold can cause strong respiratory distress if it spreads too far and the spores infect the air. If the individual has allergies related to other pollutants in the air, this will exacerbate the issue to a greater or lesser degree.

On top of this, other issues include:


If the home includes smokers, then second-hand smoke will start to affect others in the area. While many indoor spaces have banned smoking, for this reason, this does not apply to private spaces such as the home.

In a smoking house, small particles of tobacco smoke can drift through the house and irritate the nose or throat of its inhabitants.

Improving air quality via cleaning and maintaining air ducts can help with this. But the best solution is to stop smoking from occurring in the home.

Candles and Incense

Much like smoking, both candles and incense pollute the air around them as they burn. This is especially true of incense sticks, which burn special chemicals to produce the aroma they are famous for. Some studies have even found links between incense burning and health risks.

Cleaning Products

While they are not burned, using a lot of cleaning products in the home can have effects on your lungs. Many contain chemicals called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These VOCs can irritate the lungs and lead to someone contracting asthma or developing allergies.

Improve Air Quality

Now that you understand the importance of trying to improve the air quality in your home, it is important that you instead aim to get the air in your home the best that it can be. That is where indoor environmental services come in.

Our people are ready to talk to you about what we can offer regarding air purification services. So, have a chat with us today. You only need to give us a call.

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