5 Signs You May Need to Call a Mold Remediation Service

mold remediation

Roughly 70% of United States households have mold issues. When you have mold, it can cause issues with your breathing and can badly damage your property.¬†Getting help from a mold remediation company will be necessary if you’re hoping to spot and eliminate any mold problems. So how can you tell that you have a mold problem on your hands?

We’re happy to explain. Keep reading to learn more about the signs that you need mold remediation. 

1. You’re Seeing Obvious Outbreaks of Mold

The most obvious sign of mold is that you’re seeing color changes on surfaces. If your walls, floors, or other surfaces are turning green, orange, brown, gray, or any other color, it can be a clear sign that you have mold. 

You’ll need to get mold remediation service if you’re dealing with an outbreak or other exposure in your household. They’ll take a sample of the discolored area to find out what strain of mold is growing. 

2. There Are Mildew Smells in Your Home

If you notice a pungent mildew odor, it’s also likely that you have mold issues in your household. It’s an earthy, damp smell as if standing water has spoiled in the room. 

You’ll typically notice these smells if your home is on the warmer side, along with high humidity. 

3. Your Home Recently Experienced a Water-Related Issue

Whenever mold is present, it typically means that water was a root cause.  When water or moisture is allowed to sit in damp, warm temperatures without absorbing, it’ll almost certainly create mold. 

If you have recently had a leak, pipe burst, flood, or any other similar problem, you should be vigilant and on the lookout for mold. 

4. People in Your House Are Getting Sick

Be mindful of whether or not people in your home are experiencing any sort of illness. Mold spores can cause respiratory problems and watery eyes when breathed in. 

Pay careful attention if you or anyone else in your household has asthma because these conditions will typically worsen if your mold problem is significant enough. 

5. Signs of Mold Were Detected During an Inspection

Finally, you’ll want to get mold remediation services after an inspection shows that you likely have an outbreak. This will typically happen if you get an annual overall home inspection, or if you suspect you have mold and call up an expert to inspect. 

These inspections don’t cost you a lot and will give you the peace of mind of getting to the root of your mold problems. 

Find the Mold Remediation Service That You Need

Mold remediation service will help you clear up these issues in your home. When you take your mold issue seriously, you’ll have a better shot at getting rid of the problem before it worsens. 

St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration would be happy to help you out. We’ve been around for a few decades and provide quality mold remediation from certified professionals. 

Take the time to request a free consultation on our site, or give us a call at (314) 328-7793.

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