Are Air Purifiers Worth It: Everything You Need to Now

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When you take a deep breath, do you know what you’re inhaling?

You might think that going inside spares you from outdoor pollutants.

But according to the EPA, the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. Sometimes even more.  

It’s this startling information that might have you asking yourself, are air purifiers worth it?

The answer seems to be a resounding yes. That’s because they’re especially helpful if you have any of the following:  

Respiratory Issues

If you struggle with allergies and/or asthma, your respiratory system is compromised. An air cleaner with a HEPA filter will trap over 99% of all allergens so they don’t irritate your lungs.

Use one with a deep-bed carbon filter as well and you’ll remove the airborne gases and chemicals that can trigger an attack.

Children… or Are Expecting

Early exposure to toxins and chemicals can increase the chances that your fetus, newborn or even child will develop a disease later in life.

Plus, your child’s body has not yet developed the proper metabolism to eliminate chemicals as effectively as an adult. So they are more vulnerable to these toxins. 

Increased exposure to allergens can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks.

A Not-So-Spotless Home

There’s no judgment here. Most of us don’t live in completely clean homes.

But that layer of dust is not only an irritant. It could be also be harboring airborne mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and odors.

And speaking of odors, sensitivity to smells can be more than annoying. They could make you sick.

An air purifier could be just the trick to lessen the dust and lift those nasty odors.

A Brand New Spotless Home

It isn’t just dust that creates havoc.

In fact, it’s not unusual for sparkly clean homes to have less than great indoor air quality. That great new house scent is often filled with pollutants that can cause health problems.

This is particularly true if your house is full of new materials and products. Most are manufactured with chemicals that are off-gassed in small amounts into the home.  

It takes an air purifier to filter these toxins out of the air and leave you with something much healthier to breathe.

Exposure to SecondHand Smoke

Nothing penetrates every square inch of your house like cigarette smoke.

But if the smell isn’t concerning enough, then the fact that the smoke is extremely toxic should be. There are now 250 known harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. Of these, at least 69 can cause cancer.

An air cleaner with activated carbon is one of the few things that can effectively trap these and lessen your exposure to dangerous toxins and irritating odors.


Even though pet dander might make your nose itch or cause you to sneeze, you love your furry friends.

An air purifier can pull that dander from the air and leave for a healthier breathing environment. This is particularly key for small children who may be more sensitive to the dander, but adore their pet.  

So Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Unless you live alone in a vacuum, it seems obvious that the answer to “are air purifiers worth it” is a pretty solid yes. So it’s definitely something to consider. But keep in mind, not all air purifiers are the same. There are some out there that are not worth it, so make sure to do your research!

And while an air purifier is a great first step, contact us today to find out about additional clean air solutions that can have you breathing easier. 

After all, breath is life!

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