Here’s Why You Need an Air Purification Company

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Hiring an air purification company can ensure that the dust and dirt that sits in your air is being filtered out. There is no guesswork, as you’re dealing with professionals that know air purification like the back of their hand. But what makes an air purification company better than buying one at the store?

Here is why hiring an air purification company will outperform your simple store-bought one every time.

What Does an Air Purification System Do?

An air purification system works with your current HVAC system to up the air cleaning process. Rather than just removing dust from the air, air purification systems go to the next level. They help kill bioaerosols, which include airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The system accomplishes this by using ultraviolet light and pair it with photocatalytic oxidation that the bioaerosols can’t withstand. These systems also help reduce the amount of moisture that gets into the air. Often, you’ll need two different machines making a ton of noise to perform the same task that your HVAC system can already do for you.

What Makes an Air Purification System Different From A Store Bought One?

Your typical store enough air purifiers are only strong enough to cover one room at a time. Not only that, because of their limited space and functions, they often only remove dust and odors, rather than the harmful bioaerosols.

Your normal HVAC already does most of that for you, so you’ll essentially be throwing away money for each room you install a store-bought one into.

By using our Humidex Computer Controlled Ventilation systems, you’ll be covering your whole house. Not only does this save you money on useless products, but you’ll also save money in the long run because of how much cheaper it is to run the Humidex versus store-bought purifiers.

Why Should You Hire an Air Purification Company?

By hiring an air purification company to come out and install a system, you’re ensuring proper installation and hands-on support. When you buy a retail one, you’re hoping it works and when it doesn’t, there isn’t any customer support to get you back up and running.

But with a company like Kleen Breeze, you’re going to have someone you can call and answer all your questions. We’ll be able to walk you through the problem and if things persist, we can be out there at a moment’s notice.

Start on the Path to Fresher Air In Your Home

When you use an air purification company, you’re saving yourself time and money to make your house clean and sanitized. There’s no guessing on whether it works for you and your family and if it’s going to reach the entire house. You can rest assured that your house will be sanitized and the air you breathe cleaner than ever before.

Don’t wait around, be sure to contact us and have a technician out to give you a quote on how much it would be to install an air purification system in your home.

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