Quality Air: How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality During the Summer

quality air

According to MedicalNewsToday, the average person breathes about 20 breaths per minute. That equates to 1,200 breaths of air each hour. The difference between a summer of sniffly noses and clean breathing could just be your indoor air quality. 

As we approach summer, it is crucial that we focus on what air pollutants could be present in our homes. But how do we ensure that what we are breathing is quality air?

Air Pollutants: A Home Invader

Some sources of air pollution in your home can be easily recognizable while others could be, quite literally, lurking in the corners of your home.

Mold grows naturally in areas that are warm and wet. You can probably guess how conducive summer months are to both of these. 

Certain types of mold release mycotoxins which are the harmful chemicals that can affect you and your family’s well being.

These harmful chemicals cause symptoms that are similar to allergy and cold symptoms. These can include inflamed sinuses, itchy eyes, and rashes. Exposure to mold can also cause trouble with focus and fatigue. 

Mold is most commonly found by homeowners in places where there is water damage present, like walls and ceilings. However, mold, along with other biological air pollutants such as viruses and bacteria, are often found hiding within the air ducts of a home. 

In other words, the air coming into your home might be clean but becomes polluted as it travels through your vents.

Achieving Quality Air

In order to ensure the best air quality, whether it be for you and your family or for the safety of your employees, certain actions need to be taken. 

The first of which is utilizing a mold testing certified company to detect the presence of mold.

It is unsafe to test for mold on your own. It is also recommended that you remove any mold in a household regardless of type. But what if the mold in the home is not readily visible?

For example, if you are concerned about a foul smell or allergy-like symptoms, mold testing would ensure the safe removal of the pollutant. From there, you must use proper remediation techniques to rid your home of the detected mold. 

Air pollution from air vents, ducts, furnaces, and blowers is very common and can develop quickly. That is why a professional air duct cleaning is recommended every two to three years, or as long as any pertinent symptoms are present.

Finding It All 

When seeking quality air for your home or workplace, you need to find resources that will accurately detect and correct air pollution. Locating a reliable company to do both of those things can be hard, and it can be even harder to find both services in the same place.

We at Kleen Breeze Inc. use the latest technology in order to ensure quality work in both the detection and removal of indoor air pollution. Don’t take it from us! You can view testimonials on our work and see our technology in action.

If you are in the market for air quality solutions, contact us and we can begin to create better air for your home together.

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