Top 7 Not-So-Obvious Types of Mold in Homes

types of mold in homes

You know mold is an unsightly problem, but did you know it can lead to serious health effects as well? Mold can cause asthma, chronic sinus infections, and other serious respiratory problems in people of any age.

The best way to avoid mold is to prevent it by keeping things dry. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers can dry wet areas and clean impurities from the air that cause mold to form.

If you’re already noticing mold, however, it’s best to identify its type and remediate it.

Are you worried about the effects of mold in your home? Read on for the definitive guide to seven types of mold in homes.

Mold Classifications

Molds that cause harm each fall into one of three classifications. These are allergenic, pathogenic, and toxigenic.

Allergenic molds cause allergies and produce allergic reactions including asthma attacks. Pathogenic molds can cause health problems for people with compromised immune systems. Toxigenic molds produce toxins that can cause health problems or even death.

7 Types of Mold in Homes

Molds come in many shapes, sizes, and seriousness. Here are seven molds to remediate immediately if you see them forming in your home.


This is the world’s most common allergenic mold. It can grow in any commonly moist area, like showers, tubs, or under a leaky sink. This mold has a velvety texture and is dark green or brown in color.


Another common allergenic mold, aspergillus has 185 different species, some of which can cause lung infections or carcinogenic toxins in your air. Since its species is so variegated, it might appear in many different colors. This mold forms in long chains of growth.


This allergenic mold often forms on wooden furniture or house moldings. It can also create harmful air quality, causing asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses. Aureobasidium usually appears in pink, brown, or black dots.


The unique thing about cladosporium is its ability to grow in both warm and cool areas. This includes wooden material as well as fabrics. Cladosporium is an allergenic mold.


Mucorum poses a grave threat to health. As an allergenic mold, it can produce or worsen asthmatic reactions. At its most serious, a person can develop mucormycosis, a life-threatening fungal infection.

Mucorum commonly grows in thick gray or white patches. It often grows near air conditioners or HVAC vents. It thrives in areas with a lot of condensation.


Fibrous substances in water-damaged homes can host penicillium, a type of allergenic mold. Penicillium is easily recognized by its velvety texture and distinctive blue or green color. This mold can also cause a serious fungal infection, especially in people with weak respiratory systems.


The famously-dubbed “black mold” is a toxic type that you definitely want to take care of immediately. Stachybotrys creates toxic particles called mycotoxins that cause serious health problems. These include neurological problems and pulmonary bleeding in infants and children.


Trichodorium is a fast-growing allergenic mold that forms in areas of condensation. It has five subspecies, some of which have been linked to pulmonary illnesses. This mold is white with patches of green growing over it.

Mold Issues? We Can Help

Kleen Breeze is here to put our expertise to work for you. If you have any concerns about seeing these types of mold in your home, don’t wait! Contact us today.

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